We have not yet received information about 2012 excavations at this site. For more information, please contact the excavation organizers directly using the information below, at right.

A Witness to History

For over a thousand years, the site of Yavneh-Yam has been a witness to some of ancient Israel’s most dramatic history. Located at the Mediterranean coast, about 15 miles south of Tel Aviv, this ancient harbor city was continuously occupied from the Bronze Ages up through the Middle Ages. Form the Hellenistic period onwards Yavneh-Yam has been involved in many of the region’s important historical events, such as the Maccabean Revolt, Roman rule, Byzantine religious struggles and pilgrimages, and finally the early Islamic use of the site as a prison.

Biblical Archaeology: From the Ground Down

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The first eight seasons of excavations at this site have revealed various sections of the settlement during different periods. This season, dig director Moshe Fischer will be examining the settlement patterns of the various periods, focusing specifically on household archaeology, ethnic and religious archaeological research and landscape effects during the site’s various periods of occupation.
Volunteers will be accommodated at the Ayanot Youth Village in a building reserved specifically for the excavation team. Three to four people will be housed in each air-conditioned room, and each room has a private bathroom. Bed linens are provided, but volunteers should bring their own towels. The Ayanot Youth Village also features afternoon activities, evening lectures and a relaxing and tranquil environment.

Moshe Fischer

Lawrence StagerDr. Moshe Fischer is Professor of Classical Archaeology at Tel Aviv University. Professor Fischer has published numerous books and articles, and has been the director at the Yavneh-Yam excavations since 1992.

Dig Directors

Moshe Fischer

Geographic Location

On the Mediterranean coast about 15 miles south of Tel Aviv-Yafo (Jaffa)

Periods of Occupation

Bronze Age through Early Middle Age

Dates of the Dig

July 18 - August 12, 2011

Minimum Stay

One week, two weeks are preferable

Application Due

June 20, 2011


$500.00 per week

Academic Credit/Cost per Credit/Institution



Youth Village Ayanot


Professor Moshe Fischer
Department and Institute of Archaeology
Tel Aviv University
Ramat Aviv 69978 Israel
Phone: +972-3-6409938
Fax: +972-3-6406243
E-mail: fischer@post.tau.ac.il
Website: http://www.tau.ac.il/~yavneyam/

Open for tours

Yes - appointment necessary