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In 123 B.C. the army of the Roman consul Quintus Caecilius Metellus conquered the island of Majorca and, in 70 B.C., the Romans founded the city of Pollentia on the northern side of the island. The city thrived for the next 500 years but was then abandoned in the fifth century A.D., following the general decline of the Roman Empire.

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The ruins of the Roman city, in the modern town of Alcudia, are the best-preserved Roman remains on the island of Majorca. The site was discovered in the 17th century and systematic research started in the 1930s. So far, archaeologists have uncovered three main areas: a residential quarter, the city forum and the theater. For scholars and researchers, these remains provide vital clues into the spread of Roman culture in the Balearic Islands.
This season, the international research team will help excavate the city’s forum, the center of Roman life and culture at Pollentia. In previous seasons, the excavations, led by Dr. Miguel Angel Cau, have uncovered parts of the forum’s main temple and the area’s commercial district. On the dig, you’ll learn the basics principles of archaeological excavation and theory and will also have the chance to travel around this historic and beautiful island. Please note that this project is intended for high school students ages 16 and 17.

Miguel Ángel Cau

Miguel Ángel CauDr. Cau is a research professor at the Institució Catalana de Recerca i Estudis Avançats (ICREA), an associate professor of Archaeology at the University of Barcelona and co-director at Pollentia. Born in Mallorca, Dr. Cau specializes in late antiquity Mediterranean insular systems, late Roman cooking wares and the application of archaeometry to ceramics.

Dig Directors

Dr. Miguel Ángel Cau

Geographic Location

Alcudia, Mallorca, off the coast of Spain

Periods of Occupation

Roman, Medieval

Dates of the Dig

July 2016

Minimum Stay

One month

Application Due

April 30, 2016



Academic Credit/Cost per Credit/Institution



Participants will stay two to three to a room in a hotel in the medieval town of Alcudia. Each room is equipped with air conditioning and a television. Meals will be provided by the hotel restaurant.


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