Manot Cave

Reopen The Caves Of Early Humans

Manot Cave is a unique site, combining an active stalactite cave with depositions of human occupation. Most of the finds date to the period in which modern humans and Neanderthals lived in the Levant, and the identity of the humans who lived in the cave is still to be determined. The cave, which was sealed from the world for at least 15,000 years, may hold answers to many questions regarding the spread of modern humans from Africa to Europe through the Levant.

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Dig Directors

Prof. Israel Hershkovitz
Dr. Ofer Marder
Dr. Omry Barzilay

Geographic Location

Western Galilee, Israel

Periods of Occupation

Middle - Upper Paleolithic

Dates of the Dig

July 2016

Minimum Stay

1 week

Application Due

May 31, 2016


$400/$500 for five days (four nights), including weekend stay

Academic Credit/Cost per Credit/Institution

Academic credits may be available; please contact us directly


$100 - Cabins at the settlement near the site, 3-5 persons per cabin. Amenities include linen, towels, showers, electric kettle, microwave oven


Ron Lavi
8 Dan St.
Modiin 7173767
Phone: +972502656662

Open for tours

Yes — by appointment