Ein el-Jarba

An Early Agricultural Settlement in the Jezreel Valley

Ein el-Jarba is beautifully located at the foot of the Menashe Hills in the Jezreel Valley. Two periods of occupation have been uncovered. In the Early Bronze Age stratum, several oval houses with complete vessels on floors, as well as working surfaces and a silo have been uncovered. The earlier Wadi Rabah layer is represented by a plastered surface and circular stone installation. The site is marked by an exceptional frequency of obsidian fragments and tools, finely decorated ceramics and a range of small finds, such as beads, worked ceramic shards, flint tools and figurines.

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The Ein el-Jarba excavation is a young research project with a very international group of staff. Contrary to the long-term, established excavations, this project will demand your initiative and active participation. You will be involved in excavation, find-processing and documentation, and you will be entrusted with responsibilities that need to be shared among the team to make the project run smoothly. Accommodation will be basic, but sufficient.
This will be appealing to open-minded students on a tight budget who own a sleeping bag. The company of original and funny characters will doubtless make up for the lack of physical comfort.

Katharina Streit

Katharina StreitKatharina Streit is a doctoral student at Hebrew University and a graduate of Oxford University.

Dig Directors

Katharina Streit

Geographic Location

Jezreel Valley, 3km south of Yoqneam

Periods of Occupation

Early Bronze Age (4th mil. BC)
Early Chalcolithic (6th mil. BC)

Dates of the Dig

September 3 – 29, 2016

Minimum Stay

Entire season

Application Due

May 15, 2016


200 Euros for entire season (Sunday–Thursday); no weekend accommodation provided. Airfare not included.

Academic Credit/Cost per Credit/Institution



Kindergarden in Hazorea. Very basic accommodations: Mattresses on the floor, hot shower, a/c, internet. Bring a sleeping bag!


Katharina Streit
Institute of Archaeology
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Mount Scopus
Jerusalem 91905, Germany
Phone: 054-9280227

Open for tours

Yes — by appointment