The Capital of the Kingdom of Geshur

Several ancient kingdoms flourished in the region from Damascus to Egypt. Each kingdom had a capital city; however, none of the capital cities is preserved for archaeological research today. Bethsaida, the capital city of the forgotten Biblical kingdom of Geshur, is the only capital city in this region that is accessible to archaeologists. The Hellenistic-Roman town of Bethsaida is also mentioned frequently in the Gospels.

Biblical Archaeology: From the Ground Down

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Thirty years of excavating Bethsaida revealed unprecedented finds. This season, we will work on the Roman temple of the town.

Rami Arav

Rami AravRami Arav is a professor at the University of Nebraska at Omaha in the departments of philosophy, religion and history.

Dig Directors

Rami Arav

Geographic Location

1 mile off the northern shore of the Sea of Galilee

Periods of Occupation

Iron Age, Hellenistic, Roman

Dates of the Dig

May 16 – June 6, 2019

Minimum Stay

One week

Application Due

May 1, 2019


$850/week. Price includes room and board, round-trip transportation to the site, afternoon lab works, and evening presentations. Price does not include transportation round-trip to the airport, weekend field trips.

Academic Credit/Cost per Credit/Institution



Housing is at the Kibbutz Gadot Guest House. Rooms are equipped with a/c, kitchenette, swimming pool, and grocery. Visit the web site:


Dr. Rami Arav
6001 Dodge St.
Omaha, NE 68182
Phone: 402-415-1129

Open for tours


Take a video tour of the site with BAS’s Director of Educational programs, Sarah K. Yeomans.